Welcome to New Horizon Window Cleaning

Picture this...
You head outside early in the morning to begin your day. As you look to the East, you see the sun coming up over the horizon. You stop momentarily to experience the beauty of that sunrise...the view brings a smile to your face and suddenly everything in your world just seems a little brighter...

At New Horizon Window Cleaning Company, that is what we want to do for you at your home or business. We want to give you a “sparkling” view of the world. We specialize in cleaning all types of windows and glass. Our cleaning solution is biodegradable, USDA approved, and specifically designed for this use. Our company doesn’t do a variety of jobs…we are specifically trained to do one thing extremely well. We not only understand how to correctly clean glass, we also understand why glass must be cleaned in the first place. Every job we do is performed with one simple rule in mind:

"Quality Service - Sparkling Results!"

Clean Windows

"Let us show you what it's like to have
truly clean windows